Cache Integrity Services inspires Alaskans to live their best life by providing the highest standard of Payee Services with Integrity.

We assist senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and others who receive Social Security Administration benefits or are in need of a payee. Providing participants the ability to remain in their homes, pay their bills, put food on the table and have spending money left over, CIS helps to manage regulations for those who need our personalized services.
Cache Integrity Services is a 501(c)(3) organization.
EIN: 84-4197212

Our Services

Payee Services

For clients who need assistance ensuring they are receiving their social security benefits, our payee services provide confidence their needs will be met. CIS interacts directly with social security administration on your behalf, submitting  annual reports to make sure your benefits are in place, to report extra funding or to report if you have been institutionalized. In addition, CIS works closely with your care team to budget for your goals.


Through a conservatorship, our team can legally protect your finances / estate on your behalf. At your request, we work with the court systems to file a conservatorship petition, helping the safeguard the assets that are most dear.


Details upon request – please contact our offices for further inquiry. 

Meet our Team

The mission of Cache Integrity Services is to provide the highest standard of payee services for our participants with the highest of Integrity.

Jeremiah Mengel
Thom Lloyd
Tom McDuffie
Executive Director
Craig Henrionnet
Aurdianna Mengel
Carrie Jo Cramer
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